Our Story

Our Story

Jump Into Reality is a tech-led company powered by an award-winning team of passionate engineers, designers & business people dedicated to revolutionising the way we consume visual content.

Since 2017 our company has been driven by our founders’ ambitious vision to lead the way in the VR and AR space.

Our patented technology means we are able to deliver high-quality content to almost any device, such as VR headsets. This opens up a world of possibilities for real-time interactive content, as well as productivity tools.

Introducing JUMP into DESIGN®

Our first product is JUMP into DESIGN®developed to solve the frustrating and expensive challenges faced by interior designers.

JUMP into DESIGN® is a revolutionary and affordable interior design solution that allows designers to create, share & customise hyper-realistic 3D renders in real-time via the cloud. It is an easy to use 3D design software as it replaces several tools with a single piece of software that is intuitive to use and requires no training. The JUMP into DESIGN® platform is now fully developed.

It launched in Spain in Q4 2020 and will shortly be available in the UK.

Our mission

In order to master the tech and develop the product, over the past three years we met with hundreds of interior designers, architects, property developers, estate agents and end customer. This work provided us with valuable feedback and insight.

We also worked on a dozen large and varied projects based on VR and AR applications. Out of the success of these projects, we were then able to distill the processes and technology involved to remove ourselves from the execution.

At the same time, we made the product scalable, affordable, easy-to-use and with a variety of applications. The result is that now customers are empowered to create their own designs with our 3D design technology.

And we are never settled. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our mission is to make technology feel like MAGIC!

Imagine. Create. Live.

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