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Are your clients design-hungry, demanding and digitally connected?

It is easy to save time and make your clients happy with JUMP into DESIGN’s interactive 3D designs.

All you need is a PC to design and an internet connection to share.

Explainer videos

Episode 1
Episode 1: How to create walls & add doors or windows

Our easy-to-use 3D design software allows you to build walls with their exact measurements in a few clicks. You will have your online interior design ready in no time for you to add the lighting, and select and place 3D models of windows and doors.

Episode 2
Episode 2: How to add, move, delete or buy furniture

Choose 3D models of real brands from our ample 3D design software’s catalogue. Put them in the space, move them, remove them from your 3D render, review the interactive render online, zooming in or out. You can even create your shopping basket with your favorite’s brand products and according to your budget.

Episode 3
Episode 3: How to decorate, capture renders and get the shopping list

You already have the furniture, so now it is time to put rugs and plants on the floor. Next, it is the turn of walls and floors. And…ready! Now you can capture the best 3D renders, get your shopping list in just one click and make your clients happy. All in record time!

Episode 4
Episode 4: How to control indoor light, sunlight and outdoor view

Don’t forget that with JUMP into DESIGN®’s affordable interior design solution you are not only in full control of the sunlight, but also of the temperature, intensity and beam of the interior light. And you can select the view from the windows too!

Episode 5
Episode 5: How to copy & edit ready-to-use project designs

If this is your first time with this type of 3D design technology, our ready-to-use 3D designs will help you familiarise easily with every JUMP into DESIGN®’s function. Choose your favourite then copy and edit it, making the most of our ample 3D catalogue.


Episode 6
Episode 6: How to design a space from start to finish

Easy to use 3D design software for real time hyper-realistic renders and custom home design online. Discover how to create interior design visualisations with the best 3D renders and real time interactive projects, thanks to this revolutionary interior design rendering software.

What can you do with JUMP into DESIGN?

Check our design gallery to find inspiration for your creativity.


Combining style, quality and innovative products.

Illuminating Yellow - Pantone
Illuminating Yellow - Pantone

Energy, strength & positivity.

Ton Chairs
Ton Chairs

Hand Crafted contemporary design elements.

Navy Blue
Navy Blue

Luxury, modern & elegant.

New Cosy
New Cosy

A calm, relaxed and organized space.


The new working space of the 21st century.


Minimalism at its finest.


Bold, multi-coloured & abstract.

Learn more about our plans

Having trouble choosing your plan?
Check here all the features to help you select the right plan for you.

Virtual Reality
Walk inside the space you created

JUMP into DESIGN is based on real-time VR technology. This means that you can interact with the space that you are designing and decorating in first person (as if you were inside it). Your mouse and keyboard allow you to move to wherever you like on your screen and add, edit or replace any element of the design, including the light (more details in the section on light). All in real time, instantly, right in front of your eyes.

Furniture Catalogue
Large 3D catalogue from big names & more

Ample selection of 3D pieces of furniture from real brands that you can drag from a user-friendly and visual search tool and drop into your design, in just one click. You will also find hundreds of beautiful generic 3D objects, including windows and doors, to complement your design.

Deco Catalogue
Large 3D catalogue from big names & more

Ample selection of 3D deco and furnishing pieces, including decorated tables, sofas and bookshelves, along with rugs, plants, curtains, wall pictures and art pieces. The scope of the selection grows as you move from the free ‘Forever’ subscription to ‘Starter’ and then to ‘Advanced’ and ‘Unlimited’, which include the full deco catalogue.

Shopping Links
To tens of real brands

Click on the by either selecting a 3D object from your design or under its corresponding thumbnail in the search menu, in order to explore it in detail and then buy it by clicking on the link that will take you straight to the brand’s webpage.

Unlimited Renders
At no extra cost

Click on the Camera Icon to capture the best shots of your design. Use your keyboard to zoom in or move higher to frame a detail or get an overview of the space. Take as many captures as you need of all your design at no extra charge.

Artificial Light
You are in control

Click on any lighting object and three sliders will allow you to select the temperature, the intensity and the cone of the light beam. Move or replace any lighting point whenever it suits you and as many times as you need.

Natural Light
Select orientation and time of the day

Use the compass rose as you start a new design in order to select the orientation you need. Select sun icon and move the sliders to select the desired impact on colours, shapes and textures of the light that comes through the windows at different times of the day or season of the year.

Outdoor Views
You select the landscape

Click on landscape icon to select the view from the window and change it as many times as you need. You also have the option to select a view of the sky, which can go from bright blue to starry dark when you adjust the sliders that pop up after selecting sun icon.

Need help to set up JUMP into DESIGN?

Installation Guide

If you need help to install JUMP into DESIGN on your PC, this document will accompany you every step of the way.

Guide to solving common problems

This document will help to easily solve the most common problems that you may experience while using JUMP into DESIGN.

Technical specifications

Hardware and Software Requirements to use JUMP into DESIGN

JUMP into DESIGN requires certain hardware and software specifications in order to install and run smoothly. Here you will find the minimum requirements along with our recommended specifications to enjoy the best experience.

Minimum hardware requirements



5th generation Intel I5 processor (2015) minimum

At least 10GB of free disk space

Recommended hardware requirements



Intel I7 Processor

Dedicated graphics card with at least 3GB of RAM compatible with DirectX 11

20GB of free disk space

Software requirements

Windows 10 64-bits Operating System

Any web browser

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